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Many games get more and more complex as they progress through the years. There are a lot of factors that construct the dynamics of this very complexity. From the updates, patches, and store items, any of these can be an influential factor for the players. With this idea in mind, the first thing that runs through a person’s mind in regard to CS:GO is its skins. Yes, the game itself has offered many amazing features, but the gun skins surely have taken the CS:GO world by storm. Especially in the price department.
A recent tweet about a comparison of the skin prices with some real-life assets has made quite the debate on the microblogging platform.
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In-game purchase is something that all online gamers are very well aware of. Especially in competitive games, these skins give a sense of power. That is, many people feel that these skins improve their gameplay. This inner thought surely has benefited these games to increase their market.
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CSGO is one such game, which has a very big skin market. The skin system in the game has been there for quite a while now, and there are trends where people are collecting one rare skin after the other. This sure has made some CSGO accounts have some high monetary values. The account of CSGO player GOODKID is one ideal example of such an account. His account has a total value of €744266.51, which is $809,203.21!
There were instances also when accounts were auctioned for some insane amounts. This priced feature of the game was recently compared with a real-life asset.
$400,000 in CSGO vs $400,000 in Texas… pic.twitter.com/PQXyBHXRzT
— Flickflops🥤 (@flickflops) January 28, 2023

The comparison was that for $400,000, people can either get a CSGO skin or buy a house in Texas. This surely is taking a dig at the overly priced value of certain skins in the FPS game.
As soon as the post went viral, many users, especially CSGO players, were keen on debating the comparison. They were talking about how they would prefer getting a skin in their favorite game, instead of buying a house.
Definitely worth considering to take a mortgage to buy a god tier AK and sleep in a car for a bit 😏.
— CW 🇺🇸🇨🇳 (@CWCSOfficial) January 28, 2023

I mean… first one can't have snakes and spiders… deffo go to for me lmao
— Bryczkowski (@BryczkowskiPL) January 29, 2023

Some people even consider that investing in the CSGO skin is more viable than the physical asset, that is the house. Because they believe that the ROI (Return of interest) of the skin would only increase in the coming years.
Ur trippin if u prefer the House ong
— § 𝓜𝓪𝔁 § (@PR0FlLE) January 28, 2023

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True but to be fair one is a solid investment decision and the other is just a house.
— TT (@trashthalk) January 28, 2023

We cannot blame the players for thinking like this, because this trend of increased value has been witnessed quite often in the gaming industry. The latest example of such an increase in value is seen in Valorant. Where the Arcane sheriff, which was a limited-time skin line, got increased in popularity after it went from the stores forever. Now, people are running around trying to buy accounts that have this skin, though Riot does not support account purchases from third parties.
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These online commodities sure have taken a pivotal position among games across the world. And with the current trend, it seems like this would go on for years.
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