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ANN ARBOR, MI – January 6th, 2023 — We Are the Caretakers, the sci-fi grand strategy RPG set in an afrofuturist world, will defend the planet’s most vulnerable creatures when it launches on Xbox and Steam 1.0 today, Friday, January 6th, 2023! Heart Shaped Games invites everyone to become a Caretaker and kickoff the new year with its exciting new take on turn-based strategy JRPGs.

Turmoil has overtaken humanity after first contact with an alien civilization. Take command as the Conductor, sworn to protect the Shadran society and their endangered rhino-like species of Raun. Under threat from high-tech poacher factions, Caretakers must take up arms against those who would destroy what remains of the Raun and their home, saving them from extinction and continuing their tradition as wardens of Shadra’s most susceptible.

We Are The Caretakers combines real-time strategy, roster management, and turn-based combat. Deploy fully customized squads of Caretakers from over 30 job classes into the field. Inspect the map and secure towns, while protecting Shadra’s beloved Raun that roam the fields. Nurture a special orphaned baby Raun who takes a liking to the Conductor, and watch as they grow into a force to save their kind.

Recruit detained poachers, but keep an eye on the reputation of the Caretakers: the right decision is not always the popular one, and might make future missions more difficult. With more than multiple ways to upgrade your characters, 40 campaign missions, and a grimdark narrative with morally-complex choices, We Are The Caretakers places Caretakers into a complicated, engrossing world full of strategic decisions and challenges.

We Are The Caretakers pays host to an original sci-fi world with an afrofuturist vision. Characters, environments, and the story blends elements of man-made and organic science fiction. The soundtrack combines epic orchestral sounds, African instrument samples, and modern hip-hop beats.

Heart Shaped Games is a diverse, talented team featuring art director Anthony Jones (former cinematics artist at Blizzard) and narrative director Xalavier Nelson Jr. (IGF nominee, narrative director for Hyperspace Outlaw). The studio is headed by Scott Brodie, a games industry veteran with two decades of experience under his belt, including time at Microsoft Game Studios.

“The vision that the team is bringing to We Are The Caretakers is a rich sci-fi world with an underlying focus on conservation that’s like no other” said Scott Brodie, founder, Heart Shaped Games. “We can’t wait to finally reveal the exciting last chapters of our campaign to our Steam audience and players on Xbox for the first time!”

We Are The Caretakers will retail for $19.99, with an additional 10% launch discount for early supporters. 10% of net revenue from your purchase supports Wildlife Conservation Network’s Rhino Recovery Fund. Get a great game and support a great cause!

For more information, visit the official website, join the We Are The Caretakers Discord and follow Heart Shaped Games on Twitter, Facebook, and its Mailing List.

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About Heart Shaped Games
Heart Shaped Games is a design-centric indie game studio founded in 2010 by 20-year game industry veteran Scott Brodie. As a diverse, remote team of veteran developers, Heart Shaped Games’ mission is to have an impact and create meaningful and memorable hits that fans will love. Their line-up of award-winning titles continues to expand, and so far includes We Are The Caretakers, Hero Generations, Brave Hand, and Highgrounds.

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