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During a long stream on August 29, 2022, Matthew Haag, aka Nadeshot, discussed his 2016 exit from OpTic Gaming, revealing it to be his biggest career regret.
Over the past few years, Nadeshot has managed to cement himself in the gaming community as one of the world’s most elite-level Halo players, racking up millions of followers and supporters on his social media handles.
During his gaming career, the Valorant star joined OpTic Gaming in 2010 and led the organization’s Call of Duty team. As its captain, he helped them to some amazing victories in numerous competitive tournaments. Eventually, he decided to start his own esports organization in 2016, now known as 100 Thieves.
Since then, he and his co-owners and members have come together to grow the brand and win many tournaments, but there is still one thing that Nadeshot regrets to date.
During a live broadcast on August 29, 100 Thieves’ Nadeshot addressed the ongoing Froste controversy and even touched upon his mysterious exit from OpTic Gaming back in 2016.
Earlier, many believed that Nadeshot’s exit boiled down to several alleged factors, such as not being given equal opportunities in the organization as well as disagreement with other members. However, debunking all the wild rumors, the former professional Call of Duty player revealed how money was the sole motive behind his exit from the prestigious organization.
Nade even went on to explain that in his younger career days, he felt he could do much better in terms of financial well-being by starting his own gaming organization. He noted:
Continuing his train of thought, he further added:
The 100 Thieves boss elaborated more on his company and how it saved him in the long run, helping him cope with the pain of leaving OpTic Gaming and his friends behind:
The entire livestream was clipped and shared on YouTube, eliciting many reactions. While most of the comments were directed toward the ongoing controversy between Froste and Nadeshot, viewers were divided on what to believe.
Here’s what fans had to say:
Despite the ongoing feud between Froste and the 100 Thieves being the highlight of the entire livestream, it certainly offered some clarification to a long-standing mystery regarding OpTic Gaming and Nadeshot’s equation.
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