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Trends can be dangerous in any format, but especially in video games. Although the developer has seen so often these years, many times the same old story about the wrong ones, or for those rightly made- because these decisions rarely cause widespread dissatisfaction among players, not without putting it lightly, as they often do. The correct trends can be a great thing, because at least until some point, I can’t really say no more good thing. I really’m talking about it here.
We have had many remake announcements and release for the past few years, and its certainly not a hot trend for 2022 – but its a very strong trend this year. In a few major remakes of beloved games have been announced this year, including the likes ofResident Evil 4, Silent Hill 2, The Witcher, Like a Dragon Ishin, First Part 1, Lollipop Chainsaw, and many other. In addition, leaks have claimed that aMetal Gear Solid3remake is already in the works, and while the franchises like Deus ExandLegacy of Kainmay are seeing remakes at some point in the future.
Success isn’t guaranteed for franchises now no matter how big or beloved they are. There are no shortages of franchises, which have stumbled one time too many, only to be thrown on ice. Many of them eventually return into the limelight, and this year brought the revival of many of them. The biggest example is obvious Hill, a massive pillar of the medium that has been dormant so long, but announced multiple major upcoming titles in 2022. On the rather broader side of the spectrum, one that seems unattainable is Evilsuccess. In a Hell, evenMonkey Island returned from the dead. It’s absolutely impossible nobody could’ve predicted that.
The horror genre was not long ago in the worst shape of its life, but now is at the point where it seems like the opposite is done. Every year, we get new movies, and announcements of new horrors that happen to everyone. Some major titles such as The Quarry, Scorn, MADiSON, and many other ones, were announced, and also many others that are coming out this year.
Every new game that comes out of this time wants to be bigger and more complex. It often makes me cry if it gets intruded. Clearly, this lack of linear games has definitely been an issue in recent years- though we get quite a few of them in 2022.A Plague Tale: Requiem, Evil West, Bayonetta 3, Sifu, Kirby and the Forgotten Land,and Tucare are just a few examples of excellent linear games we’ve started to play over the last year.
It became incontestably clear long ago that indies became crucial pillars of the industry, and in 2022, they were flying far above them. Take your mind back on the last year and look at all the great indies that came out in this period. You can find the king’s house for this day. “Stray, Sifu, Rogue Legacy 2, Citizen Sleeper, Tunic, Return to Monkey Island, Shovel Knight Dig, OlliOlli World, Weird West, Neon White, Lignaloon, Don’t Save the World, Vampire Survivors, The Entropy Center, Signalis we can go on.
Marvel has huge influence in the gaming industry. As well as the last few years, the company announced several more major upcoming titles in partnership with several developers. Motive Studio is officially working on a new Iron Mangame (which is part of a multi-game agreement between EA and Marvel), and which, according to leaks, will also include an open world Black Panther game. Meanwhile, under a guise of uncharted creator Amy Hennig, Skydance New Media is also working on the action-adventure Marvel game, which will be set in Second World War and star Captain America and Black Panther of that era. And finally,Marvel Snapwas unveiled this year and launched immediately after it.
As many developers and publishers have sworn off single player games, decrying them as financial risks and making claims about how they don’t have much in common. Of course, there’s been unconfirmably false again – and so far, even EA, one of the most outspoken critics of single player games, has started to return to single player experiences. Many of these were announced this year, in fact, including Star Wars Jedi: Survivor,Wild Hearts and the mention “Iron Mangame”. Beyond that, we also haveDad Space, which is launching in January. The nextDragon AgeandMass Effects also are all-inclusive games.
While the subscription boom has been a mainstay of the game industry, last year, Sony decided to throw a hat into the ring, too. PlayStation Plus is a new tiered solution that won’t be a level equivalent to Game Pass, but its value for money still reaches zero, and hopefully provides a much brighter future for subscription services on PlayStation. Clearly, this trend was catching up, however, it seems that even Nintendo had to be diving in the water with Nintendo Switch Online and did it just fine.
Day and date Game Pass releases have been one of the biggest weapons that the service has had in its arsenal since the beginning of the day. However, in the beginning, this perk has been applied to first party titles, and all the third party releases have also been jumping on board. After that, the year 2022 a number of major third party games release day one for Game Pass. That includes the likes of “High upon Life,” “Pragone Tale Requiem”, Somerville, MLB The Show 22, Football Manager 2023, Metal: Hellsinger, Scorn, TMNT, Shredders Revenge,and many others. And yes, 2023 seems even more promising on this front.
During the last few years have seen a lot of new fighting games, but despite the fact that Arc System Works did the most of the lifting there, franchises rarely used. However, in 2022 both Street Fighter 6 andTekken 8 were unveiled. Both are very promising, and this year both were shown in a good fashion. For the fans of the fighting games, this was the perfect situation.
Of course, we still get more than our fair share of announcements right now, but hopefully that number continues to drop as we move forward.
The problem between the announcement and launch in the aforementioned space is that we tend to see little things about these games for long stretches. Yeah, that’s not quite possible, because developers don’t want to show their games until they’re as far as they are. When we saw the opening of an EA trend in 2022, we then saw a similar trend that developers would willingly show off early development footage of their games.
After all, film and television adaptations of video games was turning point with some Hollywood films and TV adaptations and in the case of The Last of Uspremiering not long ago. Compared to 2022, the experience hardly disappeared. Think about how may major gaming properties have either films or TV adaptations in the works: God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon, Death Stranding, Gran Turismo, Mario, Borderlands, Gears of War, Fallout and many more. Of course, there is no guarantee that all of them will be good- but some definitely will be, and that’s extremely exciting.
Even though Pokemon has continued to grow, its success was long enough to see an abrupt decline in popularity. In 2022, the Pokemon started to turn to the top 10 by destabilizing and even regaining. The one-two punch ofPokemon Legends: ArceusandPokemon Scarlet and Violets breathed new life into the movie.Pokemonhas been reinvented, at the last minute, and the new gameplay foundations created give an interesting future to the series. There are a lot of kinks to work out and a lot of improvements to be made (not only with the technical stuff), but for the first time in a long time, the future is a real world.
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