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Games are the future. And the present, in fact. From PC to PlayStation and Xbox to mobile, the gaming industry has well and truly taken off. So much so, that one could confidently say it’s soaring. While you may be hoping for a Spirit of Mustang game review, this article is going to focus on the ten most popular and trending games of a digital nature, as mentioned in the examples above. Get excited as you read through what could possibly become a new favorite game or two. 
Are you ready to go on a gaming adventure? Let’s dive in. 
Here are the top 10 trending games right now, in no particular order. 
The classic game from Mojang Studios continues, even today, to pull massive numbers and draw large amounts of players. The open-world sandbox hit was originally released in 2011, and because it’s a constantly evolving entity, it has remained uber-popular today. As of 2021, it had sold over 235 million copies worldwide and registered over 700 million users. 
In 2022, Minecraft is still attracting more than 140 million monthly active players. That makes this a pretty obvious pick for trending games right now! 
Fortnite continues to be one of the most popular online games since its original release back in 2017. Whether players are locked in huge battle royales, just trying to survive, or even fighting in tower-defense mode, the point is that they’re playing! 
The modern classic got over 62 thousand positive votes on the popular polling website Ranker in 2022 and averaged around 80 million monthly active users. It’s a must on a list like this. 
This impressive battle royale game from Mediatonic and Epic Games continues to rise in popularity and trend. One of the main reasons why it’s one of the most popular games in the world right now is that it’s free to play. 
Its publishing rights were transferred to Epic Games in 2021, and since June 2022, it’s been free to play. Epic Games has also made it available on more platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One. This has significantly bolstered its ever-increasing popularity! 
For anyone who said the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre was long gone, they didn’t count on this gem. Although MOBA may have lost a portion of its own popularity to the rise in favor of the battle royale genre, thanks to Fortnite, League of Legends still remains a big hit that players still adore. 
Apart from being the yardstick name that all other strategy-based battle games aspire to be, League of Legends still draws in an average of around 100 million active players each month. That’s impressive! 
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is definitely one of the most popular and trending games right now and will probably remain so for some time.  
It has over 1.2 billion users overall, with a peak of concurrent players hitting just under 700 million in 2022. When there are billions of people that enjoy something, it’s best to take notice of that thing! 
CrossFire might not be well known in the Western world, but it’s a major deal in the East. Specifically in Korea. The Smilegate Entertainment hit has eight million concurrent players at a time during peak times and has become one of the most consistently popular games as of late.  
Its popularity will only continue to rise thanks to a deal in 2021 that made it exclusively available on all Microsoft platforms. 
Roblox isn’t technically a game but rather a platform that allows users to program their own games and then share them with other users on the platform. It’s a huge hit on YouTube and Twitch and today easily enjoys around one million concurrent players at peak times. 
Lost Ark attracts over 800 thousand concurrent users at peak times, which is impressive given that it was only released in 2022 (i.e., this year!). It even reached over one million active users at peak times in its first month! 
CS: GO has been one of the most consistent performers out there. It was released in 2012 and still continues to rise in popularity. It attracts one million concurrent users at peak times and has around 24 million monthly active players. It’s definitely here to stay! 
This tactical first-person shooter Riot Games hit has slowly increased in popularity over the last couple of years. Initially released for PC and consoles in the year 2020, Riot Games then announced in 2021 that a mobile version would be coming soon as a result of increased and consistent demand. 
The game currently has over 14 million active monthly users, and anything involving it draws huge numbers on Twitch. 
What a rollercoaster! Now that you’ve got all these options to choose from, which one will you get stuck into first? Who knows, you may even find your next all-time favorite.
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