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Making the switch to the best VoIP service providers from a conventional phone line can lead to significant cost savings for your company. It’s also possible to move to a more streamlined VoIP service if you’re currently using clunkier software.
While the term Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) may seem technical, all it really entails is replacing your regular phone line with your internet connection to make calls. If you’re transitioning to a VoIP service provider, its many benefits will come as a complete surprise to you.
The best VoIP service providers not only reduce costs, but also offer greater flexibility, portability, and scalability. In order to provide you with the best VoIP for small businesses information, our staff has evaluated many of the most widely used VoIP phone services. We’ve done the research for you, reviewing the features, cost, and user-friendliness of various VoIP phone providers so you can confidently choose the right one for your company.
There are a lot of factors to think about when selecting the best VoIP service providers, and what works well for one company may not work as well for another. In light of these considerations, we have selected the best VoIP service providers for businesses based on their manageability, functionality, and overall viability.
We’ve provided suggestions for a wide range of businesses and organizational structures. Before you begin your search for the best VoIP for small businesses, it is important to determine exactly what features you need. 

Nextiva offers the best VoIP for small businesses with flexible price levels and a feature set on par with many of its competitors, making it a strong contender if you’re looking for cloud-based communication for your staff and customers.
VoIP phone providers offer free and unlimited calls to any US or Canada phone number, and you can check in real time for which of your contacts can be accessed right now using the presence function. A call queue is also available for managing calls during peak periods.
All of Nextiva‘s best VoIP for small businesses options have access to high-quality video conferencing, and all of them also let you share your screen and other files with conference attendees. Nextiva’s video feature may also be used to broadcast online seminars and lectures in real time.
The program also allows you to record an outgoing voicemail message and receive voicemails in your inbox or another specified location. You have the option of sending and receiving an unlimited amount of text messages and faxes.
Nextiva’s approach to providing the best VoIP for small businesses is obviously well thought out and developed with practicality and ease of use in mind. The organization makes it easy to locate the functions you want upon logging in by categorizing its tools in accordance with communication, sales, and service.
There are a number of third-party apps that can be integrated with the Professional plan, including Outlook and Google Contacts, as well as Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zendesk.
A Nextiva free trial is maybe one of the most appealing features if you are trying to decide if it’s the best VoIP for your business. If you are still unsure, you may want to join up for the free trial.
Nextiva Pricing

RingCentral provides the best VoIP for small businesses phone service for the money, making it our second choice for top VoIP. One person can get a basic subscription for $19.99 per month (or $29.99 if paying monthly), which includes features like voice mail to message, call log reporting, document sharing, and team messaging, as well as unlimited calling inside the United States and Canada.
RingCentral’s more expensive plans include extras like international calling and toll-free phone lines. Additional vanity numbers may be purchased for $30 one-time, and high-volume SMS can be purchased for $0.0085 for each message sent or received.
Auto-attendant, corporate directory, phone management, call forwarding, and various extensions are just some of the standard services offered by the best VoIP for small business. With an SLA of 99.999% uptime, companies can rest assured that interruptions to their communications infrastructure will be very rare.
A variety of price options are available, beginning with the Essentials plan for small to medium-sized enterprises, which offers unlimited voice and video calling, toll-free number and a free local, and 1500 toll-free minutes. However, the plan’s 20-user cap may not be sufficient for certain organizations.
RingCentral’s intentions for bigger enterprises, though, are where the product really shines. There are no user limits on the Standard subscription, and the Premium tier adds in call recording, real-time statistics, and connections with key customer relationship management platforms like Zendesk, Salesforce, and more.
The RingCentral Ultimate plan is the best VoIP for small businesses in need of cutting-edge technology. It provides limitless storage space and updates on the condition of each connected device, and RingCentral MVP’s scalability is a crucial feature regardless of the plan a company chooses.
The VoIP solution’s backend APIs allow it to be expanded into a comprehensive unified communications platform and cloud contact center, meeting the needs of businesses of all sizes.
RingCentral Pricing

8×8 is both one of the best, most affordable and scalable VoIP options available. The 8×8 Express plan is the best VoIP for small businesses option and includes features like unlimited chat, content sharing, video calls, visual voicemail, domestic calling, audio and video meetings for up to 100 participants, transcription, and meeting recording.
There are no commitments or fees beyond the first free trial period. In addition, there is no need to invest in any additional gear, making this a viable low-cost option for enterprises of all sizes. For low-cost yet feature-rich VoIP service, 8×8 is the ideal option for small enterprises.
The low cost of the 8×8 eXperience Communications Platform is likely the first thing that many people will notice about it, making it the best VoIP option for any business that believes it’s paying a lot for its present communication infrastructure. With such a low price for an enterprise-grade VoIP service, it’s an excellent choice.
In addition to a custom app, the 8×8 Express Plan provides unlimited video conferencing, chatting, phone, and SMS messaging inside the United States and Canada. Plus, to help small companies get started with their webpage construction goals, the package includes a free one-month trial and 3 months of Wix Unlimited.
The X Series X2 plan is the best VoIP for small businesses that require more advanced features than those available in the Express tier. It includes unlimited in-country calling, audio and video conferencing, SMS, MMS, and Teams chat, as well as integrations with Google Workspace, Outlook, NetSuite, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and ZenDesk.
In contrast, the X Series X4 package includes unlimited calls to 47 different countries, as well as call quality reports and statistics for managers. Contact centers that prioritize voice communication and employees who work across several channels have access to specialized pricing plans.
It’s important to keep in mind that the 8×8 eXperience Communications Platform is not the cheapest when it comes to the best VoIP for small businesses options, especially for the more advanced plans. All of 8×8’s solutions are fantastic collaboration tools, and the company’s most basic subscriptions still provide exceptional value.
A universal team communication software has robust connectivity with third-party solutions, allowing organizations to work together internally and also with customers and suppliers.
8×8 Pricing

The best VoIP for small businesses phone system, VirtualPBX, is designed to meet the needs of companies of any size. The limitless minutes, auto-attendant, video conferencing, business SMS, personalized greetings, and more that come standard with a VirtualPBX help businesses simplify and optimize their communications.
Call recording, customer relationship management (CRM) integration, hot desking, email-to-fax, automated call distribution (ACD) queues, and a web phone accessible from any web browser are just some of the advanced capabilities made available by VirtualPBX.
With powerful tools like Zapier and Webhooks, large enterprises may connect their phone system to a vast array of useful third-party programs. VirtualPBX’s services offer some of the best VoIP for small businesses options available on a monthly or yearly subscription basis, with assistance available by email, phone, and live chat around the clock, every day of the year.
The online systems provided by Virtual PBX begin with 3 fundamental packages that are straightforward and simple to comprehend. These packages begin with 2 plans based on minutes, and one plan is limitless. 
By clicking the “Compare Services” tab on the service provider’s home page, users may easily see how the various features stack up against one another.
VirtualPBX Pricing

In 2018, LogMeIn, a supplier of remote access solutions, purchased Grasshopper due to its best VoIP for small businesses that may not have the capital to invest in extra infrastructure. Grasshopper gives enterprises a single PBX software version that links extensions to pre-existing phone lines.
All that is required of a business is a working phone number, their own handsets (including mobile phones), and access to the internet.
Despite the low barrier to entry, Grasshopper’s feature set is fairly sparse when compared to the other best VoIP for small business providers. There are no additional features like analytics or support for contact centers or VoIP desktop phones. In terms of features, the Grasshopper service offers customers unlimited business calls and messages, call forwarding, and round-the-clock assistance, but that’s about it.
The cost structure is fortunately extremely reasonable, with a Solo tier that includes a single phone number and 3 extensions. The Partner tier includes 3 phone lines and 6 extensions, while the Small Business level includes up to five phone numbers and an infinite number of extensions. 
Grasshopper’s pricing is not based on the number of users, making it unique among VoIP companies. These are the total monthly expenditures, therefore they may be more manageable for small firms.
The best VoIP for small businesses solution, Grasshopper, has the added benefit of being simple to set up; after selecting a service level and a set of numbers, consumers may begin using the service immediately. Grasshopper’s features can be easily managed using a PC, iOS, or Android app.
Grasshopper Pricing

Ooma Office is the best VoIP for small businesses with a large number of remote employees due to its low cost and flexible plan options.
Even the base package has a bunch of cool features like a mobile app and a virtual receptionist and call forwarding. The Ooma Office Pro upgrade includes a slew of new services designed specifically for businesses, including video conferencing and voicemail transcription.
This is the best VoIP for small businesses that use remote employees since it enables them to receive and make unlimited calls throughout the United States using their company phone number via both mobile and desktop applications.
Ring Groups is another useful function since it enables extensions to be grouped together and ring at the same time. Whoever picks up the phone first is automatically connected to the call.
Even though Ooma Office’s lack of video conferencing until upgrading to the more costly pro plan may be a disadvantage for some organizations, it’s still the best VoIP for small businesses who don’t want all the bells and whistles that come with a more feature-rich VoIP service.
Ooma Office Pricing

Dialpad is the best VoIP service hosted in the cloud, offering unlimited calling, personalized voicemail greetings, texting, multimedia messaging, call forwarding, transcription of voicemails, and connection with G Suite and Office 365.
Those that upgrade to Pro may take use of the CRM connections with either Salesforce or HubSpot. Zapier, Zendesk, and Slack are among the other services it may connect to. Use the application programming interface and the webhooks to fully personalize it. 
Dialpad is one of the best VoIP services for Voice Intelligence. It listens in on your conversations to collect information and follow up on any outstanding tasks. Call summaries and clips can be created using Voice Intelligence, and it can even recognize unlisted phone numbers.
Dialpad is the finest VoIP software for companies because of its extensive feature set, seamless integrations, and cutting-edge AI. The VoIP solution is a low-priced and well-designed option for organizations that may benefit from employing softphones, which are software programs that can be installed on any internet-connected device to make and receive phone calls.
Dialpad Talk is the company’s best VoIP for small businesses, making use of cloud calling and artificial intelligence to increase efficiency and adaptability in the workplace. Using AI-powered speech intelligence, employees can take advantage of the flexibility of working from anywhere and using any device for business discussions, as well as automate note-taking and identify client emotions during calls.
Dialpad is the best VoIP for a centralized administrator site that makes it simple to add new users, provide them phone numbers, integrate users with office suites like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, and define their rights. An easy-to-use desktop interface or mobile app may be used to maintain user profiles on a daily basis, and the whole procedure shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.
Despite the rise in popularity of remote work, Dialpad continues to support a wide range of desk phones and has teamed with Poly and Jabra to provide the functionality to a variety of headsets.
The price of Dialpad Talk is low compared to the competition, and it can be integrated with the Okta identity management system.
Dialpad Pricing

Intermedia’s Unite VoIP communications solution is one of the best VoIP options for organizations of all sizes. The firm includes complimentary phones or associated equipment (cameras, headsets) with each subscription seat, and its emphasis on connecting with third-party software makes it an ideal choice for enterprises who want to expand assistance for help desks and customer relationship management (CRM).
Intermedia Unite is the best VoIP phone solution for businesses of all sizes. It may not be the least expensive, but the functionality and scalability it offers will help your company grow as it expands, making it a worthy pick. If you need a VoIP system that works well with Microsoft Teams, this is a great option to consider.
Intermedia Unite Pricing

Vonage’s VoIP service is the best for those who wish to tailor their experience because of the many customization options available. Calls and text messages are unrestricted, and users get access to live chat assistance around the clock. Toll-free numbers, superior IT support, call recording, and visual voice mail are all available as optional extras, making Vonage the best VoIP for small businesses.
Vonage’s cost may be rather high. Although the price for the basic VoIP service is reasonable, more advanced services like call recording on demand are reserved for the higher priced tiers of service. However, if you are looking for the most basic capabilities, the most basic plan’s inclusion of SMS messages, unlimited calls, and team messaging makes it an affordable alternative.
Vonage is the finest VoIP service for companies because it can be tailored to meet their specific requirements.
Vonage Pricing

magicJack is one of the best VoIP for small businesses providers out there, even without toll-free numbers or visible voicemail. It allows users to make an unlimited number of calls to both the United States and Canada at no additional cost and provides free transcription of voicemail.
With magicJack, you may also transfer your current phone number. Using a magicJack to make an international call to another magicJack user is a completely free and limitless service. In all other cases, the minimum fee per minute is 2.2 cents.
When you choose magicIN and magicOUT and pay $43, you receive 12 months of service, making it one of the best VoIP for small businesses on our list. For the same amount, you may enjoy one-way service for 15 months with magicIN and magicOUT. However, it has rather simple functionality, so companies with more advanced requirements may want to look elsewhere.
magicJack is the best low-cost VoIP service for sole proprietors and small organizations.
In order to compile a list of the best VoIP for small businesses providers, we researched and tested a wide range of service providers that provide mobile and desktop softphone programs. Afterward, we narrowed the pool of potential service providers down to a select seven by evaluating each one based on cost, ease of use, breadth of functionality, and quality of service.
Our research into the best VoIP for small businesses was based on the following criteria:
When choosing a VoIP service, it’s important to think about the following key features:
In order to compile a list of the best VoIP for small business providers, we researched and tested a wide range of service providers that provide mobile and desktop softphone programs. Afterward, we narrowed the pool of potential service providers down to a select seven by evaluating each one based on cost, ease of use, breadth of functionality, and quality of service.
This is achieved through connectivity to the internet. The way it transmits data and information is different from that of a regular phone, sometimes known as a landline.
To send analog signals via its copper lines, a landline phone relies on the tried and true method. Voice over Internet Protocol, on the other hand, relies on a high-speed internet connection. 
Before you can make sense of what’s being said with the best VoIP for small businesses providers, it goes through a series of transformations from its original analog form to a digital signal for transmission and finally back to an analog signal.
VoIP systems are often all-inclusive workplace solutions, including functions like call recording, voice mail, caller ID customization, and voicemail transcription. 
The usage of the best VoIP technology in several workplaces has resulted in the establishment of unified communications systems for such offices. These systems make it simpler for teams to interact both with clients and with one another.
The terms SIP and VoIP will crop up often while discussing various phone systems.
When the best VoIP technology is required, SIP systems are typically needed. However, if just basic phone functionality is needed, VoIP technology may be used independently of more robust SIP systems. Additional information exchange functions will require the use of a SIP system.
On the other hand, the industry often refers to solutions that cover a wider range of needs as VoIP solutions, which may lead to misunderstanding among customers.
When it comes to the best VoIP, it relies on more stable broadband and fiber optic lines to transmit data over the internet, making it a dependable technology. In comparison to these fiber optic connections, copper wires used for landlines are less reliable and may lead to more lost calls and background noise.
A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system comes with the best VoIP extras, many of which stem from SIP technology. It is worth noting that these advantages come standard with your VoIP service. Despite its many advantages, the installation of a VoIP system is typically less expensive than setting up a traditional landline.
Before making the move to the best VoIP for small businesses, there are certain drawbacks to consider. The biggest drawback is that the quality of the phone system and calls is entirely dependent on the quality of the internet connection.
However, your phones will be inoperable if and when your internet connection fails. In addition to lost calls and jitter on the line, slower internet connections might be the cause of these issues.
When it comes to best VoIP for small businesses providers, insecurity of the connection is a major issue to consider. This suggests that there is a serious security flaw in the system, since calls may be eavesdropped on with relative ease. Before signing a contract for VoIP services, be sure to ask the provider whether they use any kind of advanced encryption to keep your conversations private.
Last but not least, even though VoIP may be the best option for many, it has problems being used in case of an actual emergency. Despite the fact that callers may be located anywhere in the nation, companies often have to have a local presence in certain regions, which means that these numbers are not necessarily local.
First responders always check a phone number to see where an emergency call came from. It might take first responders longer to reach you if your VoIP line isn’t linked to an E911 emergency address.
For the best VoIP experience, access to the internet is essential. Specialized equipment is necessary for data transport, which can include a computer and internet access via cable. Phone calls will require either a special adaptor or a VoIP-enabled device.
The adaptor digitizes analog signals so they may be sent electronically. In the course of the conversation, the data is converted from digital to analog form in order to ensure that the person on one side of the call is able to decode the message being relayed.
If you’re looking for the best VoIP call from your cell phone, you may do it wirelessly using an internet connection. A dashboard is used on a mobile or desktop computer to retrieve data stored in the cloud, which could include phone numbers and names of people you may know.
A common misconception among company owners is that all VoIP solutions are the same. When it comes to VoIP services, you may choose from a few distinct options.
When choosing the best VoIP for small businesses, it is important to understand the difference between an on-premises solution and a hosted VoIP service. With an on-premises solution, everything is installed and managed by the same firm. When VoIP is hosted, the service provider is responsible for its upkeep.
When it comes to the best VoIP for small businesses, the only things the deploying company has to provide are the phones and an internet connection. All other expensive hardware costs are taken care of by the provider.
Cloud-based voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone systems are the best VoIP for small businesses since they make use of the internet to place and receive calls, and everything is hosted on the server network of the service provider. This sort of phone system eliminates the need for IT support since all that’s required is to plug in the phones and start making calls.
UCaaS, or unified communications as a service, is the best VoIP for small businesses platform for integrating six distinct but interrelated communication features into a single cloud-based platform. Following are the 6 aspects of communication:
The best VoIP UCaaS integrates not just VoIP but also SIP solutions. Each company has unique requirements, and systems may be tailored to meet those demands. The finest UCaaS vendors work with their clients to enhance and simplify existing business procedures.
In order to facilitate the best VoIP unified communications, CPaaS provides cloud-based, individualized communications services. Customizable software may meet the specific requirements of every company. The functionality of the platform as a whole is unified and instantaneous; no other systems are required.
The process of calling a VoIP number is identical to that of dialing a traditional phone number. Virtual Private Network (VoIP) telephone systems are functionally equivalent to conventional telephone networks in that they allow callers and call recipients to make and receive phone calls and text messages.
When choosing the best VoIP numbers, one important point to keep in mind is that they have both country and area codes. Don’t assume a person or business’s area code is indicative of where they physically reside or conduct business. In fact, many companies provide local phone numbers in several countries so customers can reach them more easily.
In addition to this, you will need to exercise caution if you contact a VoIP number using a traditional landline or a mobile phone. Unless you want to risk making an extremely expensive international call, you should probably avoid doing so.
A VoIP number can receive text messages. Sending them a text message is the same as sending one to any other mobile device. To reach the VoIP user, your messages will be sent to their user interface, which might be a mobile device, computer, or other devices.
Using the best VoIP for small businesses comes with several advantages, including more affordable costs, increased accessibility, and improved voice quality.
Using VoIP software to upgrade a small business’s outdated phone system is a no-brainer because of how intuitive the technology is. 
Our research indicates that Nextiva and RingCentral are the best VoIP for small businesses all around. Although more expensive, it offers superior business calling options and a powerful app.


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