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Indus Battle Royale Apk

After the ban on some popular Battle royale games. India company launched few Battle Royale games but the failed and not liked by the players. The Players wants high quality graphic game and which can be played in any device with no lagging.

Here, A Pune based Indian Company is going to release a Battle Royale Game whose name is Indus Battle Royale. The Name of the company of IB Royale is Super Gaming. Super gaming is famous in world for small games in World. But, this time the company is bringing a Battle Royale Multiplayer game.

Indus Battle Royale Game Story

The story of Indus Battle Royale is fully related to the Indus civilization. Which has a great history for World. This game will be displaying the future of Indus Civilization if it was alive.

The Indus will be having very developed technology, developed cars and other element . Indus will be having different Islands. The graphic of Indus Battle Royale game will be very high. These all features of Indus battle Royal game will be really liked by players.

Many youtubers have played this game and made videos related to this game and all the videos are showing positive things of the game. It means the Indus battle Royal will be similar to other popular multiplayer games. Here are some YouTube videos which has been made by Battle Royale players.

Features of Indus Battle Royale

Every week the YouTube channel of Indus upload videos related the features of Indus Battle Royale

There will be so many features but here are 7 features below:

  • The game will be played between group of 50 or 100 players in the Battleground.
  • Indus battle Royale will be having high quality graphics and detailed elements.
  • large open map : the players will be dropped at an large Island where they will have collect elements and leave alive the last.
  • Different playing mode : The player can be play in war more, Zombie mode or any other mode.
  • There will be many characters and you can also customize the characters as you needed. This is very important features for the Players.
  • As the game is develop on the story of future that’s why they are will be a lot of Technology and high quality weapons.
  • The player can play this game in Android PC or in iOS devices or if the player want to play this game in the PlayStation then he or she can also do.

Advance features of Battle Royale

The game will be also with so many different Advanced features. Here are the advanced features which is really osm.

The Ranked players can get different rewards such as pro characters, weapons or coins for buying different premium things.

Training Mode : The Player can on training mode to take practice to play well. The player will be guided about the things and the element of the Game.

There will be option to choose your map where you wanting to be dropped. And the air craft will drop you in air and you will be falling to with parasuit. Then you can collect your element and continue the game.

How to download Indus Battle Royale Apk in Mobile?

If you want to know the steps to download Indus Battle Royale APK in Mobile. Then you will have to follow these steps. Here are the steps below. Open the app store on your mobile device. If you have an iOS device, use the App Store, and if you have an Android device, use the Google Play Store.

  • In the search bar, type “Indus Battle Royale” and press the search button.
  • You will get so many App their related to Indus Battle Royale.
  • You will have to click on the Install button of the top most application.
  • Now, wait for the game to be downloaded. The time of downloading will be depended on the Internet Speed.
  • Once the game is downloaded. You can make account and play the game.

The game will be downloaded in your mobile. Now to know how you can make your account in Indus Battle Royale. You can read our article, in which we have told about the process to create account in the Indus Battle Game.

How to download Indus Battle Royale APK in Pc?

You can download this game in your Pc also. But the pc should have the better gaming graphics card. If you do not know about the graphic card. You can check our article which is related to it. Here are the steps to download Indus Battle Royale APK in Pc.

  • Open the Browser and Search “Indus Battle Royale Apk”.
  • Now click on the official site of Indus Battle Royale APK. Select the Indus PC game in the navigation bar of the official website.
  • there you will see the download button for PC you have to click on it to download the PC version of Windows game.
  • Once it gets downloaded. You create your account and login and enjoy the game.

If you do not know how to create account in Indus Battle Royale Apk. You can read our article which is on this topic.

Characters of Indus battle Royal

Will Indus battle Royal be competitor of pubg?

Pubg is a old popular game in world and had a large game base in India. But due to some reasons, it got ban in India. And many Pubg player sifted to Bgmi or other Battle Royale Games. But they are not satisfied with these games. The player are waiting for new multiplayer Battle Royale game .

if we talk about Indus Battle Royale APK . This game is going to be release in the month of August and India best company is developing this game. that’s why the players are very excited for this game and they want to know about this game .if you are also excited for this game and want to know more information. Bookmark our website.


What is Indus Battle Royale (IB Royale)?

Indus Battle Royale is a multiplayer game developed by Super Gaming, an Indian company based in Pune. It is a high-quality graphics game set in the future of the Indus civilization.

When will Indus Battle Royale be released?

The game is scheduled to be released in the month of August.

What is the story behind Indus Battle Royale?

Indus Battle Royale is based on the Indus civilization, showcasing a futuristic version of it. The game features advanced technology, developed cars, and different islands within the Indus world.

What are the advanced features of Indus Battle Royale?

Ranked players can earn rewards such as pro characters, weapons, or coins.
The game includes a training mode for players to practice and improve their skills.
Players can choose their desired drop location on the map and parachute down.

Will Indus Battle Royale be a competitor of PUBG?

Indus Battle Royale aims to cater to players who were fans of PUBG but had to switch to other games after its ban in India. While it is anticipated to be a popular multiplayer Battle Royale game, its success as a direct competitor to PUBG remains to be seen.